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No two pieces of furniture are the same. Whether a boardroom table or cabinet for repair, each piece will receive a bespoke approach. We have several levers that we can pull. 





Sideboard furniture with intricate design that has been French polished by Kilmister Furniture Restoration.

Antique Furniture Restoration and French Polishing

It doesn’t matter if you have a family heirloom, a piece of furniture that’s been collecting dust, or something unique picked up from your local antique store; we can restore it to its former beauty. We specialise in French polish in NZ, and we only use top-quality French polish shellac materials. Techniques we may decide to use for your antique furniture restoration include:

  • French Polishing
  • Oil finishes
  • General wood furniture repair, including loose or broken joints and chips
  • Veneer repairs


If upholstery needs repairing or replacing, we partner with expert upholsterers and can coordinate the whole process.

Chest of drawers that has been painted with white paint.

Modern Furniture Repair

Furniture at home gets a lot of use. Regardless of how well you look after it; your favourite table may become damaged over time. Since 1986, we’ve completed many modern furniture repairs and have seen countless styles come and go. If you require contemporary furniture restoration, we can help make your favourite furniture look great and have a more durable finish. Types of furniture repair and restoration work we can carry out include:

  • Water damage
  • Heat damage
  • Drawer runners
  • Bleached timber from sun damage


Repainting is always an option too. We can also strip back and repaint furniture in our spray booth to fit your current decor, including kitchen doors.

Wooden and leather boardroom table that has been polished and restored by Kilmister Furniture Restoration.

Boardroom Table Restoration

Important decisions are made at boardroom level, so your boardroom table and chairs must look their best. We’re your first port of call if you’re looking for someone to restore your reception desk, wood table or boardroom table. A durable 2-pot finish can be used to ensure your boardroom table will withstand years more of pen scratches, coffee cups and marks from wristwatches.

As well as this, we can use heat and water-resistant lacquer finishes for coffee tables and credenzas that are often subjected to hot mugs and spilt liquid. First impressions matter, so you want to get your tables and chairs restored by the experts.


Your frequently asked questions about furniture repair and French polish in NZ.

Generally, wood furniture restoration is a wide-scoping word that encompasses general repair and work. Refinishing, on the other hand, usually refers to sanding or stripping existing lacquer, oil or paint to then reapply.

French polishing is a practice that originated from French makers of furniture back in the Victorian era. When it comes to French polish in NZ, we still carry on these techniques and use very similar products.

There are so many benefits to repairing your broken furniture instead of buying new. Not only will you often save money, but you’ll also be keeping furniture out of our landfills. As well as that, older furniture is often made better than what you find today.

The best way to make your furniture look as good as new is to leave restoration and repair work to the professionals. At Kilmister Furniture Restoration, we have many different techniques at our disposal to roll back the years for your beloved pieces.