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Durable polished finish for boardroom furniture

Using tough 2-pot finish to handle years of pen scratches, coffee cups and wrist watches and give you a top quality, reliable and durable finish for all your office furniture.

Boardroom table polishing and repairs

As the centrepoint of your boardroom, the boardroom table needs to be kept in top condition, ready for professional visitors and clients. A durable finish is particularly important for tables that get regular use.

As top quality furniture repairers for antique furniture and modern furniture, we give you the peace of mind that you will only get a high quality repair.

Refinishing for coffee tables and cradenzas

Coffee tables are well suited to heat and water-resistant lacquer finishes as they are often subjected to hot cups and spilt liquid. You can also have a glass top fitted to your coffee table.

Have tired, old cradenzas restored to be a real point of interest in an office or boardroom.

Boardroom chair refinishing

Professional repairs for wooden chairs - stripping finish, refinishing with a French polish, oil or spray lacquer. We can also arrange upholstery repairs for upholstered chairs so you get an easy, complete service.

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Furniture pick up and delivery...

from anywhere between Wellington and Palmerston North. Just contact us to arrange furniture pick up.

Upholstery service

If your furniture requires upholstery repairs, we can arrange this and have the work done by experienced furniture upholsterers.