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Restore your antique furniture to its former glory

Whether its a family heirloom, a piece of furniture tucked away in the spare room, or a table that has had years of use and is showing its age, let us restore your antique furniture to its former beauty.

French polishing and oil finishes

We are experienced with French polish restoration and use top quality French polish shellac materials. This is often how antique furniture was originally finished and gives you an original restoration.

Repair work for damaged antique furniture

Have your damaged antique furniture restored by a professional trained in traditional furniture restoration - and who can apply a top quality French polish wood finish. We can repair antique and modern furniture for:

  • Borer damage
  • Water damage
  • Heat damage
  • Veneer damage
  • Drawer runners
  • Bleached timber from sun damage

Free consultation for furniture repairs

We are happy to come to you and give you a consultation for your furniture restoration on site, or if you email us images we can give you an approximate quote.

Our furniture restoration services is also for modern furniture and boardroom furniture.

Fill out the form to request a free quote and we will call you back    Request Free Quote

Furniture pick up and delivery...

from anywhere between Wellington and Palmerston North. Just contact us to arrange furniture pick up.

Upholstery service

If your furniture requires upholstery repairs, we can arrange this and have the work done by experienced furniture upholsterers.